Tony Chang

Director of Analytics

Tony Chang joined Financial Clarity as an Analyst in 2014. Tony also manages our analytics platforms and is part of our investment research team. Prior to joining Financial Clarity, he worked in both Financial Services (Lehman Brothers) and Business Intelligence (TIBCO Software, The Enthusiast Network).  Tony has an MBA in Finance from McGill University and a MA in Economics from the Graduate Institute of Policy Studies in Japan.  He completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Japanese Language at the University of California at Berkeley.  Tony is a CFA® Level 2 candidate.

Q: What past experiences help you relate most to clients?

I’ve worked as a client-facing engineer for most of my life, building platforms specific to each client’s needs.  In that time I discovered that it is often what’s NOT stated explicitly that can be most important.  Often there’s an assumption of a common understanding.  However, when there is actually a misunderstanding, it leads to miscommunication and problems. This is just as true in Wealth Management, so I always keep a client informed about a slightly wider scope than just the specific issue at hand.  Naturally this minimizes the potential for misunderstandings, but clients also trust that I’m keeping an eye on how everything fits into the bigger picture, so they can feel confident.

Q: If you weren’t in Wealth Management, what would you be doing instead?

I truly enjoy learning.  I once took a sabbatical from work for several years just to pursue a Master’s degree.  If I had unlimited resources and time, I would love to complete a PhD and contribute to academic knowledge.  Becoming a subject matter expert, be it in Wealth Management or academia, is a lifelong goal for me.