Stanford T. Young

Founder, President

Had he not started his own financial management firm early on, Stan Young would likely be running an auction house.  “The thrill of discovering unexpected value overlooked by others is pretty hard to beat.  I believe my clients enjoy it too.  I sense this when their eyes convey they appreciate my perspective and approach.”

Combine that drive with Stan’s natural inclination to minimize risk, and the result is an eye for unique investments that remain attractive for more than just a season.  Doing so for almost 40 years has also honed the skills needed to assess individual investment opportunities in the context of larger economic and market dynamics.

Exclusively serving those who shape Silicon Valley has provided an additional layer of insight not commonly available.  “I’ve been right at the side of my clients through pretty much everything life can throw at them.  So even if it’s their first encounter with a situation, chances are it’s a path I’ve guided others down before.”

That’s true whether it’s deciding to buy a jet, planning a dream home, or advising their children on setting up the finances in a new marriage.  “Even after all these years, I still feel honored that clients want to run everything by me.  Maybe that’s why a close friend, after seeing The Godfather, joked that I was like a ‘consigliere’ but too honest to actually be one.”

When he’s not evaluating the economic and investment landscapes and what they mean for each client, Stan can be found playing full-court basketball or collecting wine, art, and rare coins.


Stan Young has been a professional investment manager since 1979.  In 1992 he founded Financial Clarity to focus his investment and financial expertise exclusively on a small group of clients.  In doing so, he has worked with executives employed by some of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies, including Apple, Blackrock, Foundation Capital, Google, Hewlett Packard, Mayfield Fund, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, New Enterprise Associates, Synopsys, and Tableau Software, to name a few (Important Disclosures/Terms of Use §4).

Prior to founding Financial Clarity Stan served as the senior executive in charge of the financial counseling practice of a private investment bank in Palo Alto.  Before that, at the Asset Management Group (one of the largest fee-only financial planning firms in the nation at the time), Stan rose through a number of roles before heading up their West Coast Operations in Los Angeles.

He gained his direct experience as a trader of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments at Philadelphia Life Insurance Company before being named the Securities Analyst, managing a mutual fund, and managing a $175 million sector of their main bond portfolio.  His final position with Philadelphia Life was as Director of Corporate Strategic Planning.


  • B.S. degree in Commerce – University of Virginia
  • M.B.A. – Pennsylvania’s Wharton School: Individualized major in personal financial planning