Custom Investing

There’s a reason we attract Silicon Valley leaders. Our unique approach to investing permits us to expose our clients to opportunities well beyond just fixed income & equity categories, including:

  • Hedge funds
  • Real Estate
  • Energy assets
  • Private equity

These investments are recommended on an individualized basis, not aggregated in a pooled fund that others create for their entire client base. Pooled funds will contain investments appropriate for other clients but these assets may not be the best fit for you. We will never assign you into a predetermined “model portfolio” due to our entirely customized approach.

Our staunch independence makes this customized approach possible.

Complete Independence

Our services are on a fee-only basis. This eliminates the conflicts of interest created when advisors receive compensation through commissions and proprietary products.

This has been our style for over a quarter century. However, today it seems everyone is branding themselves fee-only, even if they are a captive advisor under the umbrella of a huge institution.

In contrast, we are completely independent. We have never been constrained to working from an “approved product list” that curtails the investment options offered by our larger competitors.

In-Depth Research

One thing we are big on: research. Evaluating changes in the economic and investment landscape and mapping their impact to the unique situation of each client provides the intellectual charge we show up for every day.

The resulting insights drive the development, implementation, and monitoring of your investment strategy. Over the decades we have developed access to an array of liquid and illiquid investments that may amaze you.

Shaping the Next Generation

We also believe you can impart far more to your heirs than assets.  Discover how to pass along your financial wisdom and business prowess using our NextGen Services.

Integrating with Your Other Advisors

Although we do not offer tax, insurance, legal, or estate planning recommendations, our clients’ professional advisors praise our involvement.

Tax advisors welcome our thorough quarterly income projections and subsequent real-time updates. They also appreciate relying on us to supply the numerous reporting documents required for tax preparation.

Insurance agents and estate planners say our insistence that clients start (AND finish) these vital processes result in their work being more productive and valuable.

This value-added attention allows such professionals to provide our mutual clients even more accurate and meaningful results.

After all, we’re here to bring clarity to all aspects of your financial life.