Our Approach

Steadfast Service vs. Rainmaking

When it comes to wealth management, our founder Stanford T. Young has never believed in the ‘rainmaker’ role.  Creating the appearance that clients will be working with a senior advisor, only to end up with a junior team member, is not the way we earn our clients’ trust.

For this reason, every single Financial Clarity client receives their primary attention from Stan, the Founder and President.  This bedrock commitment to personally oversee, guide, and service the investment plan of each client is unusual in our industry.  But then, Stan founded an unusual firm.

We have only a few dozen clients and prefer it remain that way.  This is also why your phone call will almost certainly be met by a real person, not an automated system.  We are here for your convenience, not ours.

Endowment Style – Lower Fees & Greater Flexibility

What allows us to invest alongside university endowments and pensions, in products that most investors are not even aware of?

Simply put: size and weight.

  • Total size of our assets under management.
    This gives us clout with product sponsors who can provide us access to institutional grade assets and instruments that carry lower fees and costs.
  • The weight of our individual client accounts.
    The respective portfolio size of each client allows us to distribute among just a few dozen investors the desirable instruments we source.  We refer to it as our “inverse economy of scale” meaning we’re big in total assets but small in client base, infrastructure, overhead, and fees.  Our client concentration also allows us to respond to market opportunities much faster than firms with thousands of clients.  Please ask us why.

Together, these factors allow us to provide an unusual breadth of services and attention at a price below that of our competitors.

Highly Focused

Tailoring our approach to a limited and exclusive set of clients allows us to adapt and personalize sophisticated services in a manner usually reserved for the domain of a single family office.

It is a highly focused style that allows us to work internally as a tight-knit cohesive team to earn the confidence and long-term patronage of our clients.

We believe that makes a difference and our clients agree.