Client Profile

Bold Visions

A drive toward progress and innovation can reward those at the top with substantial wealth, but still leave uncertainty over how to manage it in a manner that will achieve their goals.

With assets under management (AUM) averaging $47M per client at the end of 2017, our clients are extremely busy and have relatively complex financial situations. Staffing and overseeing a “family office” of professionals employed to exclusively manage their finances is not a burden they wish to shoulder. With Financial Clarity, they enjoy the sophisticated strategies and attention of a devoted family office without the overhead and obligations.

One common factor defines our work with these accomplished individuals and families – a roadmap that brings their personal vision to life.

Bold Impact

Whether preserving wealth or preparing the next generation to accomplish even more, we’re here to develop a solid plan for funding your vision of the future.  Our strength is assessing the full scope of even the most complex financial situations, developing a plan, and executing on that plan.

Our ultimate aim is to instill the confidence that you can, indeed, live and give more boldly.

Earned Trust

So how did we become trusted by so many of the most discerning minds in Silicon Valley?

The answer lies in our endowment approach to investing and steadfast service commitment.

Investing vs. Advocacy

If you’re at that point where keeping complex wealth organized, productive and safeguarded demands something beyond just investment advice, we have a thought:

It’s time for a devoted advocate.

That means more than implementing and monitoring your investments. Our depth of experience guides the integration of your strategy with all other aspects of your financial situation such as income tax, estate planning, insurance, education, charitable giving, major purchases, leases, even travel and marriage plans.

We’re honored that clients rely on us to help evaluate and guide anything that affects their financial peace of mind. If it’s a situation or decision you’ve never faced before, our tenure in business means we likely have already helped clients navigate the same issue.