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Learn why Financial Clarity attracts the eyes and ears of Silicon Valley’s top investors.

The ABCs of investing

June, 1997

Abby Cohn discusses how to teach your kids about the stock market and the virtues of investing. Stanford T. Young is quoted.

People: Stanford Young: Thrift, Americans, Thrift

February, 1995

Eva Soos profiles Stanford Young and Financial Clarity. In the article, Mr. Young presents his 'soapbox' issues and other bits of wisdom.

McCall's Extra: Money After 50, Taking Charge of Your Finances

June, 1992

Making the best of a long life calls for careful planning now. Author Holly Wheelwright outlines 12 steps to take to build a secure and comfortable future. Stanford T. Young is quoted.

Taking Financial Steps for Terminally Ill

June, 1992

When someone in the family gets a terminal illness, bringing up financial and legal matters may seem crass and uncaring. But the right moves in the weeks, days, or even hours before death can make life easier for the survivors, reduce taxes, and also relieve some worries of the sick person.

Giving It All Away Might Be Best for Some Retirees

May, 1992

Earl C. Gottschalk Jr. discusses the benefits of the charitable remainder trust. Stanford T. Young is quoted.

Retiree's Woe: Tax Man Haunts Your Place in the Sun

April, 1992

Retirees who relocate to states without income taxes may find that the state where they earned their pension may attempt to collect after all. Stanford T. Young is